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The Stimulus Package — What It Means For Small Businesses

Today, we released a very important and timely episode of our new podcast, Beyond the Wrench. In this episode, Jay Goninen, talks with the CEO of Find…

Coronavirus Knocked Us All On Our Asses

Wow… what a crazy time. I think our CEO at Find A Wrench, Mark Wilson, summed it up best when he said, "This past week has been at least 176 days long."

Customer Spotlight: Replacing a Technician, Without Time Away from Business

About Otto Jacobs Company

For 97 years, Otto Jacobs Company has been owned and operated by the Jacobs family in the tight-knit community of Lake…

How Transparency Can Help You Hire Technicians

At Find A Wrench, we are always encouraging our clients to be as transparent as possible throughout the hiring process.

Leadership Friction - The Technician/Manager Relationship

A common quote shared amongst the business community is that "people leave managers, not companies." In a world where the competitive landscape…

How to Retain Your Technicians

Hiring technicians is a pain point every shop and dealership is struggling with today. And after putting all the time, money, and effort into finding…

JASPER ® Partners with Find A Wrench to Help Shops Recruit Technicians

Jasper Engines & Transmissions, the nation's leading remanufacturer of drivetrain components, and Find A Wrench (FAW), have partnered to offer tools…

Attending ATI SuperConference? Let's Chat About Hiring Techs

ATI SuperConference is a little over a month away, and we couldn't be more excited!

Want More Mechanics to Apply for Your Job? Make it Easier!

We've worked with shops and dealerships across the country to help them find mechanics to hire. When it comes to the number of applicants they get,…

How to Find Mechanics to Hire - Recruit Passive Candidates

If you've been trying to hire a mechanic for your shop or dealership, you have probably figured out quickly that the majority of qualified technicians…

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