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Business is Picking Up and Shops Need to Adapt

As our country makes progress toward opening up, business seems to have followed suit.

Market Update: Shops are Hiring Again

A couple of weeks ago, we published a blog article, Coronavirus Knocked Us All On Our Asses, and coronavirus really did turn everyone’s world upside…

VIP Tires & Service: Changing Technicians’ Perception of the Shop

With over 59 shops in northern New England and almost 500 employees, VIP Tires & Service is a tire and automotive service business with a mission to…


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How the Industry Can Help Technical Schools

In a recent episode of the Beyond the Wrench podcast, host, Jay Goninen, met with Tom Wozniak, an instructor for the diesel program at Madison College.…

The Stimulus Package — What It Means For Small Businesses

Today, we released a very important and timely episode of our new podcast, Beyond the Wrench. In this episode, Jay Goninen, talks with the CEO of Find…

Coronavirus Knocked Us All On Our Asses

Wow… what a crazy time. I think our CEO at Find A Wrench, Mark Wilson, summed it up best when he said, "This past week has been at least 176 days long."

Customer Spotlight: Replacing a Technician, Without Time Away from Business

About Otto Jacobs Company

For 97 years, Otto Jacobs Company has been owned and operated by the Jacobs family in the tight-knit community of Lake…

How Transparency Can Help You Hire Technicians

At Find A Wrench, we are always encouraging our clients to be as transparent as possible throughout the hiring process.

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