First Week of 2019 Thoughts


I was fortunate enough to get some great feedback on a blog written earlier in the week on my reflections of 2018. If you didn't read it, check it out here. To summarize, I broke down how a customer complaint pushed us to get better…and how hard it was to face the fact that we let somebody down. Not fun.

The feedback that I've gotten from the article has been great. Lots of clients, former co-workers and other acquaintances have reached out to tell me that they've had similar things happen to them. That support is really helpful!

As far as our current progress goes, I'm happy to report back that we've made lots of progress through our first week. We invested a good portion of December in putting together a plan with lots of structure for 2019. We did so with one word in mind. Overdelivering.

We're doing this by taking a different approach with our communication strategy. We're doing this by investing more into our great people. We're doing this by becoming intentional about everything we do.

We want to be intentional about over delivering for every person that is associated with our company. From our employees, to our vendors, our clients and the Mechanics. We've made a conscious decision to overdeliver to everybody we can to drive value in everything we do.

This can easily be lip service but I am so pumped that what we're doing is becoming a necessity for shops that work with us. We've really taken an attack mentality rather than fighting from our heals.

Time will tell if we're going to deliver but I've never been more confident that our business will be able to deliver. We've got the people. We've got the plan. We've got all the ingredients needed to execute. Now it's time to do just that.

Let's get it in 2019!