G.A.S Guys Wanted!!!


Have you ever worked in or with a shop where there is no pride?  Where attention to detail is laughable and you would love to just grab a guy by the neck to try and shake some sense into them?  I think that everybody runs into this issue and it's painful when facing it head on.  When working with folks in the skilled trades, you're hoping that they really look at it as they are learning their craft.  If it's just a 9 to 5 that they punch the clock to collect a paycheck, it's time to get them out.  Pride is one of the biggest things that separate great shops from mediocre ones.

I had recently read a book that I cannot remember the title of for the life of me that touched on this subject.  In that book, it talked about the need for finding GAS Guys....or otherwise known as "Give A Shit" Guys.  Give A Shit guys are the only ones I want in my shop.  We've all seen people who have the right attitude and work ethic, and some not so much, from all age groups (be honest Baby Boomers, there are SOME of you that don't have great work ethics!).  I've worked with people who are very skilled but not what I would consider GAS Guys.  This might have an even greater negative impact on the shop as younger Techs learning the trade see that and follow suit.  At some level, I think the entire Millennial generation has a reputation of being Non GAS guys.  Either way, I don't see this as a generational issue as much as general people issue.  Get the right people on board that care about their job and know that their work is their brand.

When you get a good GAS Guy (or Gal), the impact is immediate.  Techs show up on time.  The shop is kept tidy.  There's not grease all over a customers machine or vehicle.  Rework is flat out unacceptable.  You get the idea....the shop simply runs smoother for Management and people working the shop.

While none of what I'm saying is all that mind blowing, I think that G.A.S is an incredibly important acronym to remember when going out to hire your next person.  GAS shouldn't just be an acronym, it should be a way of life in your shop....something that your shop uses as a badge of honor.  "Give A Shit" guys are people that you should build your business around and it should be one of the first qualities you look for in a person.

Best of luck in finding your "GAS" guys!

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