Not getting the Techs you want? It's time for a paradigm shift.


If finding a Mechanic or Technician is becoming increasingly difficult for you, you're not alone. We speak with shops on a daily basis that are in desperate need of help, which isn't a surprise to anybody. What has been a surprise is how little effort is given to the actual recruiting process itself. In a presentation I recently led, I asked the group I was presenting in front of how many of them were still trying to find Techs the same way they were 20 years ago. The majority of the hands in the room went up and the hands of those that didn't seemed like they were scared to raise their hands in agreement. I then followed that question up with a few other…How much harder is it to find Techs now than before? Is the skill set different than 20 years ago? How much do you respect the people that can diagnose and repair?

I could be wrong but it appeared as a light bulb went off in their heads. You could almost hear them saying to themselves, "We haven't changed a damn thing in 20 years. Or ever, for that matter".  As we continued the discussion, we focused on how a shift in perception was needed. I explained that it's simple economics in that the demand is greater than the supply when it comes to qualified Techs. As a result, outdated techniques used in the past to find Techs and Mechanics are obsolete. Simply put, it's time for a shift in the way we view AND treat Techs.

Because of this fundamental change needed in the way we view Technicians, there needs to also be a change in the strategy and techniques used to find quality Technicians. While we feel confident that our service offerings will give you a leg up on your competition, in terms of sourcing qualified Technicians, we also feel that it's important to give shops the tools needed to put together a strategy on their own.

Because of this, we developed the "GARAGE" plan to help shops put together a proactive strategy to source talent on their own. We're going to focus more of our distributed content around this plan as some of our customers have told us that they have benefited from it and we feel like it helps those that already are our clients in separating themselves from the competition. In my opinion, you've got a great opportunity to set your shop apart from others at this point. The items in this plan are not rocket science but they don't work if they aren't executed.

As for the plan itself, we had to come up with a corny acronym in order to make sure folks remembered it.



We'll continue to walk through this plan more in depth in coming weeks but I wanted to dissect the acronym to start. The plan is to write about each letter in detail to ensure that shops get the maximum benefit out of this. For now, we're going to give a high level explanation of what each letter means and our thinking behind it. Hopefully you'll get some benefits out our corny acronym!

Get Organized - Our thinking behind this is that you have to prioritize planning and understand that this change in how you approach this is going to take time. We'll dive into what is actually going to take time.

Amazing Job Description - We'll dive into why your shop is unique and the importance of knowing this when writing a job description.

Recruit Consistently - Always be interviewing, always be recruiting….consistency is key and we'll explain why.

Anticipate Changing Job Markets - Things are guaranteed to change. Are you ready for the new world of Techs?

Get Involved - Where are you involved and what are you doing to promote your business and the industry?

Evaluate Constantly - How many times does a plan fail because there is no follow up or goals? I would say fairly often. We'll touch on why this may be the most important part of your new strategy.


As a company, we constantly repeat this but we cannot stress it enough. If the service business was a game, the only way to win at this game is to have quality Technicians. It's time that shops started treating it with this much respect as it's vital. There is an opportunity right now for shops that are willing and able to change to get out in front of this before the competition catches up. The first step in beating the competition is to ensure that everybody on your team understands the importance and is on board for a long term shift in the direction of how you approach growing your service team and business. In the coming weeks, we'll work to help you with putting together your strategy.

In the meantime, we've got a number of other blogs that help out both Techs and Shops. Feel free to check them out at and let us know if you've got any questions! We're here to help in any way that we can!