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We're excited to announce that we've partnered Automotive Video Innovations, otherwise known as AVI. If you're not familiar with AVI, you need to be. As you know, finding qualified Technicians, Advisors and Managers is tough and only getting tougher. It might be even tougher to find time to train the people in your shop the right way. We all know how hard it is to prioritize training when, at times, you don't have the greatest access to it or when your bays are full. Many of you have tried making a priority of training only to see it fade away as customer demand builds.

On the flip side, we're talking with Technicians every day and in our dealings with Techs, we see the desire for more training. In many cases, lack of training can and will cause a key employee to leave. The best Technicians and Mechanics crave great training, and are constantly seeking ways to improve themselves. This type of Tech, or employee in general, is what everybody is looking for.

AVI gives you a great shot at building that Tech from within, using training that can make a huge impact on whether somebody succeeds or not. By offering the highest quality training, you instantly set your shop apart from others. Training paths and individual classes that are available at your finger tips help drive increased productivity and a happier employee.

This is why we've decided to partner with AVI. They are highly reputable in our industry and in our talks, I truly believe that they have the best interests of Techs, Managers, Advisors and shops in mind….and they've done it since 1994, so they've been around the block a time or two.


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