The Power of Confidence for Techs

How important is confidence to a Technician?  To me, it is the single biggest factor in determining whether a Tech is going to be successful or not.  I'm not talking about the false confidence shown by a new Technician trying to prove that they "belong".  I'm referring to a person that knows that they can fix anything that you send their way and do it in an efficient manner.  It's hard to explain in words but it's very easy to see.

What I feel is concerning throughout our industry is the general lack of vision that the power of confidence can have on an individual.  In reality, this blog would be relevant to anyone in any industry, but I'm writing it with Technicians in mind because I've seen the positive and negative effects that confidence, or lack thereof, can have on a person.  I don't think there are a whole lot of people in our industry who take this seriously and I really want to bring awareness to it.  There needs to be some attention paid to a subject that can have such a huge impact on our culture; And as we try to bring more young talent into our industry, culture is going to be even more important.

Where I see this having the biggest impact is in the development of young Technicians.  A lot of times, they come off as arrogant and this immediately rubs the veteran Techs in the shop the wrong way.  This creates tension within the team and destroys the culture that we all want.  The funny thing to me is that I truly think the only reason the younger Techs try to act like they know more than they probably do is to win over the guys that have been doing it for a long time.  None of them will readily admit this but I've been that young Tech in a shop.  It's friggen' intimidating!  Even more so when you try to ask questions and nobody wants to help you because you've already rubbed them the wrong way.

Whether you're the Owner of a shop, a Manager or a Technician who understands what I'm talking about, I feel that we can do better as an industry in creating a true foundation of confidence for our people.  What would the harm be in tripling down on positive reinforcement with these young Techs instead of beating them into the ground with their mistakes?  Don't you think their confidence would grow if you took on the mentality of a Teacher rather than a dictator?  To me, I always felt better trying to help somebody rather than constantly laying into them....although, don't get me wrong.  There are times where a swift kick in the ass is needed!

What I'm trying to say is that our culture is changing every day.  The talent that we need to bring in may have different values and ways of learning than what we're accustom to.  I read lots of articles and hear lots of people complain about Millennials, and some of those complaints are justified.  Being that I'm on the edge of the Millennial generation (although I'm not sure they'd claim me), I will defend them in that every generation has thought that the generation that followed them was lazy and stupid.  Regardless of generational opinions, developing self confidence in young people is harder than ever and we need to understand what triggers need to be pulled in order to organically grow that confidence.

Personally, I see issues across generational lines when it comes to confidence.  We NEED to do a better job building peoples confidence on a solid foundation!  You can have a huge impact on this regardless of if you're in Management or working in the shop.  You just need to be aware and proactive of the impact it truly has!


  • Confidence is one of the single most important pieces to a successful team.
  • Does your shop do a good job of creating a confident group of people?
  • Create a mentorship program designed to build confidence in newer employees.
    • Does the Mentor know that he/she is a mentor and what to do?
  • Proactively look at ways that you can improve confidence.

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