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Think Recruiting is Hard? Try the Retention Game

We. Need. Mechanics.

At Find A Wrench, we hear this desperate plea from shops every single day of our lives. It's why we have a rapidly growing…

The Diesel Technician Shortage

Find A Wrench teamed up with Diesel Laptops and American Diesel Training Centers to bring you an informative webinar about combating the Diesel…

Conflict in the Workplace

Those of you that know me well, know that I read…a lot. From time to time, I like to share what books I'm reading and what I'm learning from them. I…

Auto shops: 3 changes to save your future

I talk to the owners of auto shops large and small — from dealerships to two-man shops — and they’re all asking themselves the same question.

Shop Culture

It’s funny how important the word “Culture” has become in our shops and I think that at times it’s hard for Techs to understand why. Before you roll your…

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