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I want to start out by explaining why I’m doing a blog and what to expect from this blog. First off, this is going to be focused on Technicians and is meant for Techs to read. It can also be used by Service Managers and/or General Managers to use when training their people, and that’s not to say there won’t be a post geared toward shop management or other subjects related to our industry from time to time. But for all intents and purposes, this is a blog for Technicians. And it’s written by people, myself included, that have experience from both a Technician and Management standpoint. You can expect us to touch on hot topics seen in the service industry while spotlighting the work that Technicians do. We’re also going to call out concerns that we consistently see to try and change some things.  If you’re coming to see a politically correct blog that you see from other folks in the industry, you’re probably going to be disappointed. We feel like there are some things that have to be addressed head on in order to be changed.

Most of you are highly skilled and trained professionals that fix problems that most could only dream of. Yet there are times where appearance, language and general lack of professionalism can give outsiders a completely different view. How many times have you seen a work order that is not readable or a uniform that is completely consistently covered in oil? It’s about damn time we change that. Now, I’m not saying that every Tech is that way. Far from it. But there are still a large number of Techs that don’t take pride in their work or their appearance, and in my eyes this is unacceptable. The hardest part is it’s not only how you carry yourself, it’s how you set the tone for the rest of your shop. If the guy two stalls down from you rolls in each morning looking like he’s worn the same uniform for 4 days straight and smells like he poured 5 quarts of oil directly over his head, that’s probably not good. And the unfortunate thing is that when that Tech goes to talk with a customer, all the work that we’ve done in trying to grow the brand of Technicians goes directly out the window. We immediately lose credibility.

You want to be paid more? You want that Manager or Salesman to respect you? The only way that these things are going to happen is if we have a complete shift in the way that Technicians and Mechanics are viewed. And we do this by working together. I, along with some guest bloggers, are going to give you our opinions on what we feel needs to be changed. Your role is to take these back to each of your shops and work on changing perceptions immediately.

We're hear to help you clean up the image.  I look forward to the interaction with many of you as we try to move the profession forward.  We get paid to find Techs for shops but we feel it's partially our responsibility to help change the perception of those in our industry.  If you feel that theres a topic that needs further attention, please send that onto us.  We'd love to hear your suggestions.

Let’s get to work on changing the way that people view the industry!

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